Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 87: Vancouver, BC – Playing Catch Up & 500lb Boxes!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a productive day today, especially in comparison to the end of last week!

After getting some new tickets completed, as well as some from last week, Curtis had a meeting planned with a colleague to discuss and create a guide/cheat sheet for how to use the polycom systems in the meeting rooms.

As the meeting was going on, Curtis was told a man had arrived to drop off so.e packages but needed help to bring it upstairs. Curtis went down to the truck with him to see what was there and it was some batteries he was expecting but they were so heavy…All the boxes together weighed 500lbs (227kg)!

Curtis helped the guy get them upstairs and then briefly continued his meeting, followed by lunch.

After lunch, Curtis finished off the document and printed it out to get it in the meeting rooms to see if people use it.

Curtis did a few admin tasks for the rest of the day and cleared some old tickets that were no longer required.

Kim’s Day

It was back to work for Kim today! It was nice to be back in the office again.

Kim started by going through her emails and responding to the smaller and easier emails as she went. It was then a case going back through the more important emails that required a little more thought.

As it is Vancouver Pride this Sunday Kim is putting on a Pride themed bake off so she sent out an email about that and created a sign up sheet.

Kim then spent some time going through other emails and saving things like invoices and what-not, the less fun things came last!

There is also a National relaxation day coming up in August so Kim spent some time going through some.options we have available to celebrate this!

In the morning Kim also made arrangements with another hotel to grab lunch later in the week and grab a coffee in the afternoon which was very exciting.

Kim spent most of the afternoon continuing with her end of month finances that need to be sorted.

At about 2.45 the gentleman from the hotel arrived with a big box of doughnuts! So Kim made some coffee and they sat down and had a nice chat. The funny thing is that both he and Kim both started their roles within a month of each other. This can be both good and bad, but they are both finding their feet and starting the new relationships togther which is exciting!

After he left Kim went through some more emails and end of month processes for the rest of the afternoon.

Returning A Fan & Shopping

We got back home, got changed into more comfortable clothing, packed up the fan we bought and walked up to the shop.

We returned the fan as it wasn’t really what we were looking for and planned to get something else, but we did the weekly shop first.

After, we went in and bought the right fan and then lugged it home.

Once we got home, we had dinner. We tried veggie ‘meat’balls, and they were just ok.

We sat and watched some TV, including a Norwegian TV show and an episode of Vikings.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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