Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 80: Vancouver, BC – First Aid Course

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got the pleasure of eating his breakfast with Kim today as she usually eats it at work but as she is on a course this week, she has to eat at home.

Curtis left 15 minutes after Kim and was able to get to work at a good time.

Curtis’ day was fairly productive, mostly in the morning though as the afternoon was a bit quiet. That being said, Curtis was able to use the time to get some project work and laptop setups done.

Curtis left work at 16:45 and walked home.

Kim’s Day

This week Kim is on her first aid training course! The first day went very well.

There are 10 people in the class, 1 instructor and 1 auditor, everyone is really nice and there are varied levels of understanding, which is great!

The day got started with a bit of paperwork, no surprise there. Then there was a quick introduction between the instructor and everyone in the class. Everyone had to list their name and what they are most worried about within the course.

The course today covered the first and second procedures to cover when first aid will be required. They covered;

the scene assessment, effective communication, primary and secondary survey.

Each new topic had a small discussion time, a real time demonstration, a slowed down demonstration with explanations of what is happening and then everyone branched off into groups to try.

There will also be peer assessment at the end of each module and then at the end of the day there were varied scenarios that would also be peer assessed!

New Table!

Once we were both home, we waited for a lady to arrive and drop off a small TV stand that matches our other smaller table!

We swapped the TV onto that and then have the bigger one as a coffee table. Perfect for snacks!

Sloppy Joe’s

Kim made sloppy Joe’s for dinner, which were very tasty! We had a ceasar salad with it, too.

Kim did some more studying and then we watched an episode of Vikings.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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