Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 55: Vancouver, BC – BC Tech Impact Awards

Curtis’ Day

Curtis’ day was packed today, mostly with small things.

There was the odd thing here or there and quite a bit of purchasing to do, too.

Curtis gave out 2 laptops today too, to replace old ones, and also had a 1 to 1 with the office manager.

Curtis got to work quite early so he left a early.

Kim’s Day

Before Kim got to work she popped across to the fancy supermarket to grab some breakfast snacks for her meeting. She is hoping that bribery will encourage attendance.

It worked! The meeting room was full, and the meeting about the project went really well! Some snacks were left and they went in the kitchen for other people to help themselves.

Kim then kept on with general admin and updating her fancy new computer.

At 12 Kim was expecting some pizza to arrive. When Kim called to ask if everything was okay it was said to her that she had ordered for next week! So Kim and her colleague popped over to the fancy supermarket to grab some sandwiches and sushi to replace the pizza. So all was saved!

Then suddenly it was 1 and Kim had organised to help someone get a standing desk. The plan was to take one and lower it to her height. However after a few minutes of twisting the table legs they realised the height wasn’t changing. Kim then gave up and took a smaller table and replaced the legs for adjustable ones. This took way less time and was much easier!

After this Kim sat in a meeting room and had lunch with her colleague. It was nice to sit and have a chat!

After lunch Kim headed to the arts and crafts store to buy decorations for the Friday afternoon drinks! Given that its Canada day on Monday the theme for the drinks are Canada Day themed! We also wanted a game or 2 to play as well, so check out tomorrows blog to see the genius game Kim made!

When Kim got back she played catch up for the last day and a bit. Having her computer switched over meant basically starting over, so much logging in and reorganizing things.

Just after 5 Kim went and got ready for an event she said she would like to attend, the technology Impact Awards (TIA).

Kims company had a few spare seats and Kim took the opportunity to go and see some of the innovative awards being given out in Vancouver.

It was such a fun evening and a really good way to meet a few other people within the company!

At about 1030ish the awards came to an end, about an hour late, so there was no hesitation to head home for Kim. So Kim walked to the train station.

While she was finding her way someone asked for directions and they happened to be heading on the same line as Kim so Kim had them walk with her to the correct platform. They had a lovely chat about the guys home, Korea and the differences between Vancouver and Korea, as he was here for a month to learn English. He was very sweet and thankful to be on the right train!

Lazy Evening

Curtis did nothing all evening and didn’t even have dinner as he wasn’t really hungry all day.

Curtis played some games and watched some streams and just lazed around.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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