Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 54: Vancouver, BC – Toy Story 4

Curtis’ Day

Curtis’ day qas full of meetings, but not all of them were productive.

The first meeting lasted just 5 minutes and then Curtis had a few research based things to do before having a team meeting which lasted for an hour!

After lunch, Curtis had a meeting planned but that was moved to tomorrow and he was going to give someone a new laptop but they weren’t in the office so he couldn’t.

Curtis spent the afternoon sorting his new projects he obtained today and then he walked home.

Kim’s Day

Kim got in and spent the morning working on a few little tasks like updating her contact list spreadsheet and going through things that will need to be covered in tomorrows meeting.

Then Kim sat down with her colleague to go through some of the planning for the 3 summer parties, one for each office location. It was great to iron out some of the details and get an game plan for the day of the Vancouver party.

Kim then went back to her desk and wrote up some notes from the meeting and started looking inti a few things for one of the other offices party. IT then came and had a look at Kim’s computer because the microphone function didn’t appear to be working. It wouldnt be so important if Kim wasn’t on the current project, as she need to hold meetings with remote workers and people from the other offices. Two people and a whole lot of trouble shooting later it was decided that it was in fact faulty and the plan was now to switch out Kim’s laptop for a different one.

Somehow after this it was suddenly lunch time so Kim went and soaked up some sun on the roof.

When she got back to her desk Kim had a few things to do with swapping over the laptop and over the course of a few hours ans many log ins later we were all good to go. An exciting thing about Kim’s new laptop is that it is a touchscreen too! Very exciting!

Kim was then resetting up the computer by relogging in to all the applications and setting up the bookmarks bar.

At about 3:40 Kim got a message to say that something she was due to send out tomorrow had been bumped up and was able to be sent out today. The only issue was it needed to be printed organised and then delivered to the courier by 4. Kim managed to get it all done and walked the door at 3:59 after running about 5 blocks. However, it turns out that the last pick up for delivery is in fact at 4:40. Kim then slowly walked back while catching her breath!

Kim then noticed that the coffee order she put in last week still hadn’t arrived. So she decided to give them a call. After being on hold for 15 minutes, she gave up, sent them a message and then headed home.

Toy Story 4

We left home at 18:20 and walked to the city to a cinema there.

There wasn’t too many people there and we got some snacks and went into the cinema.

This was technically classed as an auditorium and had a balcony!

We watched Toy Story 4, which was great!

Toy Story 4

Rating:- 10/10

We left here and walked home, with a beauitful skyline in tow!

We watched some TV and got some stuff sorted for work tomorrow and then headed to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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