Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 53: Vancouver, BC – Teriyaki Steak Noodles

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was feeling the burn today after playing dodgeball for so long yesterday!

He got to work and had to sit for a bit to recover!

Curtis saw a message about someone needing a phone, so he found one and went and installed it on their desk.

Curtis had a lot od general tasks to do today and had to setup some laptops, but in general it was a fairly quiet day.

Curtis left the office around 16:50 and met with Kim to walk home.

Kim’s Day

Kim got into work and had some cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast before starting her day.

Kim’s morning consisted of general admin and also sending out some packages. She also had a quick phone meeting with someone in regards to the ongoing project.

At midday Kim had a training session on scheduling interviews with someone from a different office. It was great to learn the next step in the recruitment process. That way Kim can be prepared if she needs to do anything while people are away on leave.

Kim then sat upstairs on the roof to have some lunch. Its so nice to be able to get outside and sit in the sun, while being away from all the hustle and bustle from the street!

When she got back from lunch Kim had to deliver one of the packages to the courier so she set out to get that done. Kim showed great restraint as the courier is right next to a Tim Hortons and she did not buy a doughnut or a coffee. We will see how long that lasts!

Kim spent the rest of the afternoon preparing for a meeting she is putting together for her project. Making sure that the agenda is right and people are all invited.

Walk & Teriyaki Steak Noodles

We got home from work and decided to go for a walk. The weather was great and so we just wandered along speaking about our days.

Once we got back, we made steak teriyaki noodles for dinner and then watched some TV.

Not a particularly exciting day but it is already going to be Wednesday!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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