Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 36: Vancouver,BC – Costco Card!


We had a lay in, had breakfast and then got ready to head out.

We walked up to the bank to get a statement which we need to have for Costco.

We then walked from there across the road to a Vietnamese place. We restrained ourselves from having food, but we did have a, subpar, Vietnamese coffee.

We left here and made the walk across the bridge to Costco.

We got to Costco, on a Saturday, so very busy. We got in line to get a membership and once that was done, off we went to shop! We also signed up for the credit card they have via Capital One, which has great cashback!

Curtis got a free coffee via the Nespresso stand and we also tried a few free food items.

We bought a lot of meat and cheese which were the two things we needed most and what we will save a lot of money on.

Leftovers & Salad

We had some leftovers and salad for dinner as we needed to get rid of it, but the chicken we hd was great, as well as leftover potatos and fajita filling.

Lucifer & YouTube

We sat and watched a couple of episodes of Lucifer and then broke it up with watching some YouTube videos. After this, we watched some other shows and then went to bed.

Today was productive but also relaxed. We have both had a busy week!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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