Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 35: Vancouver,BC – Meeting Setup, Afternoon Beers & Karaoke!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had an eventful start to the day! He began walking to work and about half way there he saw a car crash! A car decided to pull across 3 lanes of pretty busy traffic and there was a small bump. Nothing too crazy though.

Shortly after witnessing that, it began to rain. Curtis had expected that the day was going to be bad due to there being 2 bad things already at that point!

Curtis could tell it was going to rain because of how the sky looked!

Curtis had got in early to make sure that the boardroom was setup and working correctly with all the other boardrooms for the meeting.

The meeting was an update from the senior leadership team and it was quite interesting, though Curtis didn’t always understand what they were talking about. He also had to pay attention to the video streams from each office and the audio to make sure they were all running smoothly.

After the meeting, Curtis finally had his first coffee of the day and then completed a few tickets.

The rest of the day was just clearing out tickets and preparing things for next week.

At 16:00, the office all went to our lounge to have some beers and chat. A colleague of Curtis’ baby came to visit, too!

Curtis walked home and pretty much just played xbox all night.

Kim’s Day

Kim got to work and set up all the breakfast for the last time.

Once breakfast was all set up, Kim did a bit of computer related work before settling in to watch the results of the Hackathon.

Each team had a 10 minute presentation and it was incredible. Kim was in awe of the work people were able to put together in just 2 short days. Kim released just how amazingly smart the people she works with are.

Kim then took some time at her desk for more setting up and learning about the role. One of these things was setting up the weekly fruit order and processing that for the next week.

After a few hours, it was suddenly lunch time. Kim grabbed some marmalade toast for lunch today.

When Kim finished lunch she did a little clean and tidy of the kitchen area before getting on with some scanning.

On a Friday, one of Kim’s tasks is to set up for the Friday afternoon drinks by getting the drinks from the local store and setting up snacks.

As it was Kim’s colleagues last day she had decided she wanted to do karaoke as her leaving get together. At the end of the Friday drinks they all headed to the karaoke bar down the road and sang their hearts out. It was so much fun and everyone really enjoyed themselves!

They all then went to a pub down the road to watch the end of the Raptors vs Golden State game where the Raptors won!

Kim got up to say goodbye and was getting ready to leave, and started a small conversation with 2 ladies and the next thing she knew a while hour had passed!

Everyone then started filing out and Kim walked to the train station to head home and relax! It was a wonderful evening and so much fun!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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