San Francisco,CA

Place 74 – Day 5: San Francisco,CA – Mission Dolores Park & Ferry Building

Mission Dolores Park & Burrito

We had a suggestion from someone we met that lives in San Francisco that we should go to Mission Dolores Park & have a burrito there.

So, that’s what we did! We left the house around lunch time and got onto the bus to get us to Mission District.

This area seemed to be the Spanish area and actually felt like we were in Spain!

We went to La Corneta which was a Mexican restaurant serving Burritos.

La Corneta | San Francisco,CA

Rating:- 8/10

We each got a baby burrito (a regular one was way too big!) And sat down to eat. Along side our food, we got free chips and salsa as well as bought a Mexican bottled soda which was terrific!

We left the burrito shop and walked up to the Mission Dolores Park.

This park is on a hill and has some palm trees running through it. There is also a school that is in an awesome building!

Kim saw some dogs she wanted to say ‘hi’ to, so we went to say hi and then walked onward.

Walking To Downtown

We ended up just walking to downtown because it wasn’t too far.

We didn’t really have plans from this point, so we just walked and got near downtown before we couldn’t be bothered to walk anymore so hopped on an old school ‘streetcar’.

We decided we would go into the ferry buildings as it was nearby.

Ferry Building

We got to the ferry building and it is still a ferry building but also has a lot of unique stalls inside it with free testers!

We saw cheese, coffee, chocolate, jam, honey, tea and all sorts of things for sale and for trials.

We got to try some incredible salted caramel chocolate and we then just walked around and perused.

Heading Back Home

We had to catch a bus home, but before doing so we went to the supermarket to get a few things.

We waited for the bus which eventually arrived and then we traveled home, perfectly in time for Curtis to watch the Leafs game.

Kim watched some TV whilst Curtis watched hockey and then after we found somewhere for dinner.


We had to travel for 1 hour to get into the city and to where we were having dinner.

This was an old pub which does a carvery, so we got that for little money and ate pretty quickly! Curtis had beef brisket with mashed potato and salad and Kim had turkey, stuffing, mashed potato and coleslaw.

We ate pretty quick and headed back home on the bus.

Whilst walking to the bus stop, we saw where the Twitter and Uber offices were!

We got back home and ate some ice cream and chilled out, before heading to bed with an early start tomorrow.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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