Place 49 – Day 352: Auckland – Successfully Busy!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had a few admin tasks to do when he got to the office, such as his monthly productivity checker, in which he has to tally up lots of different information to ‘prove’ his productivity scores etc.

Curtis got that done and then was right back into doing work.

Curtis didn’t start the day with too much to do, but he did have the odd case to complete.

As Curtis was wrapping up the morning’s cases, he had an email from the client he was dealing with last week.

A lot of the issues he was looking at last week were resolved and there were only a couple left!

That being said, these couple still took up most of the afternoon, around helping colleagues with work.

It got to the end of the day and it seemed like a successful day!

Curtis had to visit a client tomorrow morning, which should be an interesting few hours work.

Both of us;

Kim had a chat with Nicola after getting home as she was away for thr weekend so Kim had a catch up.

We eventually made teriyaki chciken with rice and vegetables to eat for dinner.

After dinner, we watched The Russell Howard Hour.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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