Place 49 – Day 345: Auckland – Hobs Are Hot!

Curtis’ Day;

There was little to no traffic this morning, meaning Curtis got to work at a good time.

Curtis had some development work to complete this morning, which he did do so fairly quickly.

There were quite a few phone calls this morning, so Curtis had to amswer those as well.

Curtis had two remote sessions planned, one of which was to investigate why a laptop kept crashing and the other was to talk a client through logging into a server as Curtis was unable to access remotely.

The first session, regarding the laptop, didn’t really wield any results but the second was successful!

After an hour conversation, Curtis was able to access the server and was able to do what was needed.

Curtis worked with a colleague to figure something out, which took a while.

Curtis’ drove home was uneventful and not busy at all. Curtis went to the supermakret on the way home to get some items.

Both of us;

Kim got home but then realised that neither of us got anything we actually needed for dinner, so Kim had to go back out again to get them.

When she got back, she made Thai pork with multiple vegetables including honey roasted carrots!

Whilst making dinner, Kim managed to touch the hob and burn herself, which hurt all evening!

After dinner, we did the usual. Just watching some TV, notably NCIS:LA.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


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