Place 49 – Day 343: Auckland – Thanksgiving Party

We woke up naturally around 09:30, which is the perfect time. We ate some cereal in bed and watched some videos whilst doing so (and Curtis had a coffee, of course).

Once we woke up and showered, we spoke with Kim’s family regarding our trip and just to catch up.

After this, Curtis watched the Leafs game and Kim went out to do the shopping.

We chilled out for a while and then had to get ourselves ready to go out.

We were invited to one of Kim’s work colleague (and friend) ‘s place for a thanksgiving meal, with a few of their other friends.

We arrived and had champagne to start with, so it was definitely a good start!

We listened to music and chatted as people arrived. Shortly after, we played ‘Head’s Up’ which Curtis was not good at! We played that until dinner was ready.

We had chicken, potato salad, cauliflower cheese, multiple salads, buns & coleslaw!

After we ate, we had some dessert of pumpkin pie as well as pecan pie. Both homemade and both delicious!

We then chatted for a bit more and then afterwards we played a game which was basically like Cards Against Humanity but with movie quotes…it was actually better than Cards Against Humanity, too.

We left around 23:00…it was a successful and fun night!

We got home at 23:15 and got into bed…Turns out we were tired!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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