Place 49 – Day 333: Auckland – Evening Hockey

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work and was only able to have half a coffee due to having to visit a client. He had to take a laptop there, set it up and test it with Skype.

The traffic on the way was fine, so he got there at a decent time.

Curtis was greeted by Luna, a German Shepherd! Curtis got to work, changing over the laptop and testing Skype.

Curtis successfully sorted this laptop out and then left back to the office. This is where the traffic became crazy. There was a lot of traffic as it was the main time everyone travels to work.

Curtis got back to the office and had a few things to do to help out a colleague.

Curtis was able to resolve the issue he helped with, which was positive!

After lunch it was quiet, so Curtis helped his colleagues where he could.

Curtis drove home and not long after getting back, the leafs game started, so Curtis was able to watch that for the evening.

Both of us;

Kim went for a walk when she got home as the weather was warm and then when she got back she made breakfast for dinner…for dinner.

We watched some TV, booked some concert tickets (exciting!) And did some research for our trip.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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