Place 49 – Day 324: Auckland – Spontanious Bonfire Night Celebrations!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had nothing to do pretty much all morning today, which was fairly boring!

In the afternoon, around 14:30, he started to do some development work and that lasted for the rest of the day, with some struggles along the way, but it kept Curtis busy and was pretty interesting.

Both of us;

When Kim got home, we made our dinner which was teriyaki chicken, rice, carrot, hoisin asparagus and sweetcorn topped with Japanese mayonnaise.

We watched The Big Bang Theory whilst we ate and then the fireworks started for firework night outside.

Kim heard these and found out that her friend was on a hill setting off some fireworks, so she went to join her for an impromptu bonfire night celebration!

Kim got home and we watched the latest NCIS:LA before sleeping.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


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