Place 49 – Day 320: Auckland – Wine Was Required!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis did not want to get up for work this morning!

We both slept great last night, but that was even more reason as to why we didn’t want to go to work.

Curtis got to work and the heavens opened! For most/all of the day, there was a lot of rain and a lot of wind, too.

Curtis had to help fix a major issue with a website today. There were some issues which stopped the company in their tracks, meaning they couldn’t do anything at all.

Overall, that took about 1.5 hours of time, but it was interesting.

Curtis then discussed an issue he was working on yesterday with a colleague and they figured out a solution for the issue, which was great and rewarding.

After lunch, Curtis helped with another large issue which meant being on the phone for about an hour, but he got that fixed, too.

Curtis left the office 15 minutes later then he planned, but the traffic was still fairly miniscule.

There was so much wind today that when Curtis got home, he opened his car door and his arm nearly flew off with the door!

Both of us;

We’d both had pretty long and busy days, so we felt we deserved a glass of wine.

Kim got home and we had chicken burgers for dinner, with a side salad.

We ate this and watched the 3 current episodes of Black-Is before we relaxed in bed and watched some YouTube videos.

Tomorrow is Friday and Kim is out in the evening.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


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