Place 49 – Day 318: Auckland – Earthquake?!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis’ commute to work was a bit busier this morning as Prince Harry and Princess Meghan were in Auckland, so everyone was traveling to the city to see them.

Curtis got to work and as with the last few work days, he didn’t have much to do.

He did a lot of training today, as well as having a fight with a label printer and also doing a small amount of development, too.

We both found out that there was an earthquake down in Wellington around 15:30 today…a 6.2 magnitude one! As far as we are aware, nothing major happened as it was quite deep, but crazy to think it can happy so close to where we live.

Curtis thought his drive home would be very busy but it was about normal, which was a bonus!

Both of us;

We decided on enchiladas for dinner, so we began to make them.

As we went to cook the meat, we realised it was still really quite frozen, which was odd considering it was out all day!

We were going to go and buy something else and let that defrost for tomorrow but then Nicola gave us the genius idea of defrosting it in the microwave.

After a blast in the poppity-ping, we finished off the delicious enchiladas, using both Colby and parmesan cheese for the top! We also had a small side salad with it, as it’s healthy.

After dinner, we watched the latest NCIS:LA and then finished the Lukas Graham documentary which was still incredibly interesting.

Kim then made lunch for tomorrow and we went to bed…we’re not sure where the time went this evening!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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