Place 49 – Day 300: Auckland – Late Night Art

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work far too early at 07:10. Once he got to work, he pretty much spent the whole morning looking at issues with a server which had a virus. Curtis was unable to do pretty much anything with the server, so it was frustrating but rewarding when it was fixed!

After lunch, Curtis setup two laptops for people. There wasn’t much variety for Curtis’ day, but he did get a lot done, which was nice.

Kim’s Evening;

Kim went out with Tabitha when she got home from work. She went down to the city where there was a map to follow of different art exhibitions around the city.

Unfortunately, when Kim got to the city, she was unable to see the first few places which were shown on the map!

Kim did get to see some exhibitions, but there was nothing particularly great there, which was a shame.

After a couple of hours, Kim and Tabitha started to get hungry and went to O Bar which is a really popular Korean restaurant. Usually, the food is really good, but Kim wasn’t too thrilled with it this time, so she took her leftovers and gave them to a homeless person.

Kim got some cool photos of the city whilst out, as you can see below.

Both of Us;

Kim then came home and showered, then we watched the latest NCIS: LA.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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