Place 49 – Day 266: Auckland – Auckland Zoo & Family Goodbyes

Kim headed off to work this morning and Curtis got up and got ready for the day.

At 10:30, Curtis got picked up by his family to get the day started.

They went to The Bunglo Cafe which we went to on our first ever day in Auckland! The food wasn’t actually that great unfortunately, but the coffee was great. Curtis had an eggs Benedict.

They were all incredibly stuff so they waddled to the car and went to the zoo!

The zoo was very cheap at just $24 which was a good price.

The zoo wasn’t amazing, but the cheetahs were nice and close as were the monkeys, which were great to see.

They stopped for a drink and then went to the Tasmanian Devils where they were feeding and the keepers were there to tell everyone a lot of information about them.

After, the tigers were up on the agenda. There was just one tiger which was asleep but then woke up and ate some food.

After the zoo, everyone went back to our place and chilled out until Kim got back from work.

We then all went near the airport where we all got a meal before the family headed to the airport.

Curtis’ family went to the airport and we all said our goodbyes, with a few tears.

We drove home and went to Danielle & Josh’s house to drop something off and then we went home.

Kim spoke with her mum and then we slept! Curtis is back to working tomorrow but is working from home.

We had an amazing time with the family!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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