Auckland, Rotorua

Place 49 & 60 – Day 251 & Day 2: Auckland & Rotorua – Luge

We woke up and all got ready before having a ‘breakfast BBQ’ (which was just sausages).

Once done with breakfast, we drove 10 or so minutes down the road to an adventure park where we decided to go on the luge!

We bought 3 rides each and hopped into the cablecar up the mountain. This went quite high, actually!

The View On The Way Up

We each took three turns on the on the luge. The first time, we went into the easiest course. For the other two, we went to the intermediate course which was much faster and harder.

During our second run, we almost crashed into a group of people who had stopped on one of the fastest parts of the track, which was dangerous!

Our third run was event free but much faster which was great fun if not a little scary.

After each run, we had to take a stair lift back to the top, which was quite high and slow.

After we finished the luge, which was incredibly fun, we had a 3 hour drive back to Auckland.

The View On The Way Down

Once we got back to Auckland, we dropped off the campervan and got a taxi back to our place, where we picked up baggage and each drove family to their next accommodation, which is a house in Campbell’s Bay.

We got moved in there and went for a quick shop for dinner. Kim made sweet chilli fried beef stir fry and it was delicious!

We went to bed early (ish) and watched the first episode of the Great British Bake Off just before crashing and heading to bed.

We are up fairly early again tomorrow with more fun planned!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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