Place 49 – Day 249: Auckland – Family Meetup

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis’ day was pretty busy throughout.

Nothing very interesting happened today for Curtis. He got fuel at lunchtime but the day ended so fast for anything to happen!

At 16:30, Curtis got changed and left work, walking down to the apartment that his family are staying in at about 17:00.

Curtis chilled out with them and chatted about our future plans as well as our travel experiences.

Both of us;

Kim arrived at the apartment at about 17:50 and then we went out for dinner.

We didn’t know what we wanted but we walked around to find something for a while before deciding on a Japanese place. The food wasn’t bad but they did forget some of our meals and brought out incorrect meals so it didn’t go entirely well!

We left here and walked back to the apartment, said our goodbyes and walked back to Curtis’ work, got the car and drove home.

Got this great photo on the way back to the car!

We got back and had a chat with Nicola about our last couple of days and then tried to warm up as our room was freezing!

Kim tried on her clothes again that she had brought over from the UK and she was loving it.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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