Place 49 – Day 238: Auckland – A Stag Do & A Hen Do

We woke up at 09:00 and had some Weetbix for breakfast. Kim then got ready whilst Curtis played some of the new Call Of Duty Beta.

We then left at 12:15 ish to get Kim to Danielle’s hen do! On the way, we tried buying some drinks from the supermarket but they didn’t sell any for some reason so we had to stop on the way.

Curtis dropped Kim off and then he headed to Josh’s parents house.

Curtis’ Day;

The plan to start with was go Karting at Blastacars. These are drift go karts which was an awesome twist on go Karting. You’re encouraged to drift around all the corners and they tell you how to do it best, which is good.

Curtis got 3rd in the first heat and then 5th in the semifinal, meaning he didn’t get into the final, but it was still great fun!


Curtis then left here and went home to get changed and grab his ID before heading to Josh’s parents house for a BBQ.

The BBQ went on for a while with everyone just drinking and chatting. Curtis was the designated driver today, so wasn’t drinking and therefore drove people down to the city!

Curtis stayed with everyone and had a great time in the city, as well as bumping into Kim on the hen do as well!

Kim’s Day;

When Kim arrived she said hello to to everyone and had some nice chats. Throughout the afternoon everyone played games, organised by the bridesmaids.

The first game was a series of questions that would determine who knows Danielle the ‘best’ and Kim came second, just behind Danielle’s mum! The other games were a pop the balloon on the person in front of you, wedding dress out of toilet paper and another who knows Danielle best game. Then towards the evening the games got a bit more ‘hen do’ topic!



All the girls headed onto the train and into town. When they arrived they went to a bar / restaurant where Kim, Danielle and a friend shared a fish bowl. After this the girls headed to a pub and they bumped into the the stag do! It was nice for the girls to see all the men looking all smart. When the boys left the girls moved to the dance floor to sing and have a boogy!

Both of us;

We called it quits at 00:35 and walked to the car before driving home and going to bed! We got to bed around. 01:30 and were exhausted but had a great time.

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This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

1 thought on “Place 49 – Day 238: Auckland – A Stag Do & A Hen Do”

  1. Love the ‘toilet roll’ top half of a wedding dress you made. Looks like you all had great fun on the hen and stag dos. Love you lots. Xoxoxo

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