Place 49 – Day 237: Auckland – New Problems

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was working from home until 11:00 today.

Curtis had nothing planned, but soon had a lot to do! Curtis was only working for a few hours but it felt like a while with a lot crammed in. Curtis had two main things to look at, neither of which he really knew much about, but it was interesting to investigate and try and fix.

For the rest of the day, Curtis didn’t do much as he was off work, but he did do a bit of laundry.

Both of us;

Kim got home and we had a really healthy dinner which was basically breaded foods with peas, sweetcorn and creamy mushrooms.

We sat and watched a film with our housemate. We watched Happy Death Day, which was basically groundhog day. It was alright!

We then went to bed and watched the latest episode of suits.

We have some fun stuff happening tomorrow.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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