Place 49 – Day 224: Auckland – Big Win & Post-game Beverage

We woke up at 10:00 and Kim FaceTimed her family.

Once Kim was done with that, we had a ham, cheese and egg bagel each for breakfast.

Once we were done with breakfast, we got ready and headed out to Onehunga.

We were going to find some new work shoes for Curtis as his current ones have holes in and Kim was looking for some clothes, too.

We went to a few shops and Kim got a couple of exercise tops and a skirt and Curtis didn’t find any shoes!

We left Onehunga and went to Glenfield Mall on the way home to do the weekly shop.

We stopped in at Coffix when we got in and had to wait a while as it was busy! Once we got our coffee, Curtis’ wasn’t good at all which was a shame!

We then stopped at a couple of shops to look for shoes for Curtis and eventually found some nice brown ones.

We then did the shop which didn’t take long and then we came back home.

We did a bit of a clean when we got home, doing the vacuuming.

We then drove to Botany for Curtis’ ice hockey game.

The game was a really good one and the Curtis’ team got the 4-2 win!

After the game, we went for a drink with Curtis’ colleague Colten and his girlfriend Sarah. It was nice to sit and chat, until the music got too loud which is when we left!

We then got home and Curtis showered and we watched some funny videos whilst eating leftover pizza as dinner!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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