Place 49 – Day 219: Auckland – The End Of The Bridge…

Curtis’ Day;

The traffic was a little worse this morning for Curtis due to schools going back, but nothing too crazy and he still got there on time.

Curtis got to work and saw an email asking him to investigate why something wasn’t working. This took about 1.5 hrs of his day up, but it was interesting and a good brain teaser for the morning.

Once Curtis eventually had his morning coffee, his busyness didn’t stop there! He had a lot of new cases coming in as well as some old cases to get on with.

He had a lot of waiting to do and then it all came at once, right about when he wanted to have lunch.

Luckily, the afternoon was a little less frantic, but still productive!

Curtis thought that he was going to have a lot of traffic on the way home but there was actually less traffic!

Both of us;

Once we were both home, we heated up some of our stew for dinner and watched LadBaby.

Once we ate, Kim watched Love Island and we then sat and watched the final two episodes of The Bridge, which were dramatic as ever and we weren’t happy about it finishing for good!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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