Place 49 – Day 218: Auckland – Free Ice Cream!

We woke up at 09:00 and had some breakfast. We had omelets with ham and cheese.

We then got ready and had to go to get our weekly shop done.

We went to Birkenhead to shop as it’s a bit bigger than the one here in Northcote.

We did the shop and then came home and Kim started on the dinner. Kim wanted to make a beef stew with dumplings, so she whacked out the slow cooker to make that!

Once Kim was done with that, she went out for the afternoon with Danielle.

Kim’s Afternoon;

When Kim and Danielle arrived they walked around Sylvia Park and chatted away.

When they didn’t find anything there, they drove over to Onehunga where there is an outlet shopping centre!

They went to a couple of shops and then Josh joined them for the rest.

It was such a lovely afternoon. Kim and Danielle even managed to get free ice cream because they purchased things, what a win!

Our Evening;

When Kim got home, she made the dumplings for our dinner and put them in the slow cooker for about 30 minutes. We watched half an episode of The Bridge whilst this was cooking and then the rest whilst eating!

The food was absolutely delicious! The beef just fell apart and it was incredibly flavorsome.

It doesn’t look great but it was amazing!

Once we ate, we went on a bit of a binge and watched a few episodes of the Bridge. Unfortunately for us, it kept getting better and better so we just couldn’t stop watching, until it got to bed time, that is.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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