Place 49 – Day 217: Auckland – Matakana & Orewa

It’s been a while since we went for an adventure, so that’s what we wanted to do today!

We woke up at 07:45 to speak with Curtis’ family. We spoke with them for about an hour which was really nice to catch up and also to discuss plans for their visit!

Once we spoke with them, we had some breakfast and got ready to go out.

We left the house by 11:00 and set off for our drive. The drive was around an hour away to a village called Matakana.

We had heard from Nicola that there was nice walks around there so we drove up there!

The drive was very scenic and a really easy one too. As we got closer, it started to rain which was useful for a walk! Luckily we brought the umbrella.

We got there and found a free car park. As it was raining, we headed right for a cafe.

We had a cappuccino each and shared a lemon and lime slice.

The weather got much better as we were inside and it actually got warm!

We left the cafe and went for a walk around.

We found the farmer’s market which they have every Saturday and we got a free shot of honey bourbon.

We then took the walk around the river which was beautiful!

We plodded around here for a while and then walked around the centre. There wasn’t really much, but it was nice to be out and just walk around!

We eventually left and on the way back we stopped in two places. We stopped into a historic pub with the plan to get some food but we decided we weren’t hungry and dint really want to eat, so we left, though not before Kim said ‘hi’ to the boarder collie she saw!

We left here and kept driving towards home. We came to Orewa which is like a beach side town. We stopped here to grab a pizza slice from countdown and to see the beach. It wasn’t that impressive but we got a photo which counts!

We then drove home which took a bit of time but nothing crazy.

We were very tired when we got home! We watched the first episode of Suits season 8 and then decided we should probably make dinner. We went to the shop to get some supplies for it.

We got home and Kim made our dinner. We had some Carbonara sauce left so we had that with fettuccine, mushrooms, bacon and chicken!

After dinner, Kim did the obligatory watching of Love Island with Nicola and then we finished the night with some Fortnite and then whiskey and ‘The Bridge’!

Perfect Saturday and great fun to get out for a bit.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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