Place 49 – Day 214: Auckland – Washing Hockey Kit & Curtain Hanging Pro

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis already had a few things to get on with when he got to work, so he started on those before getting a phone call which would actually mean that most of his afternoon was booked out!

Before that was arranged, Curtis still had some things to look into from yesterday. Most of the work Curtis did today was investigative or interesting things that he hadn’t done before, so it was a nice change.

Curtis only had a 20 minute lunch due to the phone call he got in the morning as he needed to sort some things out for the lady. This took pretty much all afternoon and then Curtis left work at 16:15.

Both of us;

Kim invited Tabitha over for dinner.

Before Nicola got home and Tabitha arrived, Curtis washed his ice hockey kit! Curtis did this by hand and it seemed to work. Smells much better but obviously soaking wet! Let’s just say, the colour of the water afterwards wasn’t too appealing!

Tabitha arrived and shortly after, so did Nicola!

Nicola had bought some new curtains, so Curtis helped put those up. This was some excellent teamwork and Curtis mostly just hung the curtains (because he is so tall!). We now have thicker & darker curtains which should help with both the cold and the light. Great buy from Nicola there!

At exactly the point the curtains were done, we had dinner. Kim made sausages, mash, gravy and veg! Very British, winter-y and tasty.

Once we ate, kim spent the evening watching love island with Nicola & Tabitha.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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