Place 49 – Day 211: Auckland – High Tea, More Shopping & Another Goal!

We woke up at 09:00 but refused to get out of bed.

Once we did, we had muffins for breakfast again and then got ready for the day.

Kim had high tea in the early afternoon, which Curtis was driving her to.

Kim briefly went to her friend’s place to try on some clothes to see if she likes them. She did so she kept some!

After this, Kim and her friend came back to our place and waited for another friend before Curtis drove them to high tea.

Kim’s Afternoon;

Kim and the ladies went out to afternoon tea. Curtis dropped them off at the Sofitel and they went through to the dining room.

Each lady had a glass of bubbly, a coffee or tea and a third of the three tier tea. It was so lovely to catch up and have a good giggle.

After they finished the tea they all agreed to order another bottle of bubbly and continued the fun!

Curtis then came to pick everyone up and dropped everyone home, because he is amazing like that!

Tabitha kindly picked Kim up and they headed to the shopping centre. As Curtis had a hockey game in the evening it made sense to head over to Sylvia Park because it’s on the way. The girls spent hours slowly plodding around the shops and catching up, it was so lovely.

About 45 minutes before the game Tabitha and Kim did the 15 minute car ride to the rink.

Our Evening;

Kim met Curtis at the hockey rink for his game and Tabitha came to watch, too, as well as one of Curtis’ colleagues!

The game was dominated by Curtis’ team and they won 3-0, with Curtis picking up one of the goals!

After the game, we had a chat with everyone that came to watch and then we drove to the supermarket to do our weekly shop. We didn’t have much to get so it didn’t take too long.

Once we finished the shop, we drove home.

We got some beef ravioli and red wine and herb sauce for dinner because it was quick and easy! We ate that when we got home and then it was almost bed time!

Curtis is at a client briefly in the morning but then back in the office.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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