Place 49 – Day 206: Auckland – The Car Is Fixed!

Curtis’ Day;

Kim dropped Curtis home and went to work whilst Curtis shared working for the day.

Today was much busier and Curtis got a few phone calls in the morning as well as emails from people in Christchurch at the client he was just at down there asking questions.

Part way through the morning, Curtis’ colleague arrived with his AA card and called them for Curtis’ car.

AA arrived and the issue was a slightly weak battery which didn’t allow petrol to get into the engine fully so it wouldn’t start! Once the battery was swapped out, it worked like a charm!

Curtis was pretty much flat out until lunch which was when he played some games and ate noodles!

The afternoon was a little less busy but there was still enough for Curtis to be kept busy and then it his 16:30!

Curtis played games until Kim got home from work and the shop.

Both of us;

Kim got home and Curtis put on a wash whilst Kim made dinner.

We mad steak fajitas)(which were delicious) and we watched half an episode of Humans before we finished eating.

Once we ate, Kim watched a few episodes of Live Island and Curtis played games.

After Kim showered later this evening, Curtis hung the laundry out and we watched a couple of episodes of The Bridge (obviously!) and has a hot toddy!

Curtis is heading back into the office for the next three days… So that’s an earlier start!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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