Place 49 – Day 205: Auckland – Work From Home & Deep Tissue Foot Massage!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had to work from home today as his car still doesn’t work.

We slept at the house sitting house last night, so Kim needed to drive Curtis back to our place in the morning.

Once Curtis got there, he got showered and ready to work.

The day started slow but picked up for Curtis who was able to work and be comfortable at the same time!

Curtis tried to get his car sorted, but unfortunately as it’s a company vehicle it’s a little more difficult, so nothing happened with it today. This means he’ll be working from home tomorrow, too!

Both of us;

Once Kim finished work, she picked Curtis up from home and we drove back to the house sitting place.

Once we got back, Kim’s friend Tabitha stopped by and Kim went with her to get a deep tissue foot massage!

Once they got back, they took the dog out for a walk.

After the walk, Tabitha left and we ate dinner. We had leftover meat from yesterday with potato croquettes. We watched the rest of Greg Davies’ company show which was hilarious!

We then went to bed to watch The Bridge and Humans, which both had excellent episodes.

This is the last night at this house sitting house so we are up early tomorrow to the house sorted and ensure we have everything before heading to work.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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