Place 49 – Day 204: Auckland – Incredibles 2

We woke up at 10:30 again, and eventually got out of bed.

We had breakfast and watched some LadBaby and then got ready for the day.

Curtis called his boss to find out what to do about his car and needs to sort that out tomorrow!

Kim had a light out on her car so we went to get a new one. We drove to Wairau Park to a Supercheap Auto shop.

When we got there we struggled to find the lightbulbs, but asked a man instead. As we were unsure of the bulb we needed, the man came to have a look at the bulb and it turned out that all the bulbs were working!

We were near a UK shop which stocks UK food and drink. We went there for a look around and saw many home comforts! Kim bought a packet of pickled onion Space Invaders.

We left here and went home to do some ironing.

We finished ironing and packed for the next day or two.

We got back to the housesitting apartment and gave the dog a walk. We found a waterside area which was nice to walk around!

We got the dog back and decided to go to the cinema. We got our tickets and then got a spot of lunch from the supermarket. We got a cheese and tomato twist each and a Fanta. We then walked back to the cinema and got there just in time for our film. We watched the Incredibles 2 and it was actually a solid film! We did look a little odd though as most of the other people there were children but it was worth it!

We left here and walked back. Once we got back it was perfect time for dinner!

We wanted Spaghetti Bolognese but we bought the wrong pasta so we had Fettuccine Bolognese instead. We watched a Greg Davies stand up whilst eating and followed up our dinner with the remainder of the carrot cake we bought yesterday.

Once we ate, we decided to watch TV in bed, so we watched two episodes of The Bridge and then went to sleep!

Curtis is working from home tomorrow due to the lack of car and needing to get it fixed, so Kim will be dropping him off to our usual place in the morning.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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