Place 49 – Day 203: Auckland – A Broken Car

We woke up at 09:45 but chilled in bed for as long as possible, only getting up after 11:00!

We showered and went out for some breakfast.

We found a French Cafe called ‘so french’ and it was delightful! Most people that worked there were French and the food was great! Kim had a banana split crepe and Curtis had a Croque Madame. We decided we then wanted a coffee, so we each got a cappuccino.

We ate breakfast and had a really fun morning.

We got back to the house after a short walk and then took the dog out for a quick walk.

Once we walked the dog, we went back to our usual apartment and put on a wash. Curtis also got his hockey kit ready.

We went to leave for Curtis’ hockey game, but his car wouldn’t start! Due to this, we had to take Kim’s car to hockey.

Curtis now needs to figure out what to do with the car as it’s a company car so he is unsure who to contact! He is in the process of finding this out…

Curtis played his hockey game and it wasn’t his, or the team’s, best.. They played the last place team in the league and lost 2-1.

Once we got back to our apartment, Curtis showered and then we went to the shop to get something for dinner. We decided on lasagne!

We got back to the house sitting house and ate our lasagne with wine and watched some comedy shows on Netflix.

We eventually headed to watch ‘The Bridge’ in bed and then sleep!

Kim tucked the dig in so she was nice and comfy!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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