Auckland, Christchurch

Place 49 & 54 – Day 202 & 10: Auckland & Christchurch – Croissants, Burgers & Plane Whiskey

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis left the hotel early to get to the client to get the remaining user done before he had to go to the airport.

Curtis got the remaining users done, but there were a few issues so it took a while! He then built a spare laptop and had to fight with the printers to change their settings for the new system!

Once that was done, Curtis’ boss took him to the airport and Curtis was off back to Auckland!

Before going through security, Curtis got a ham and cheese croissant. He went through security and then ate his snack!

After this, he got a coffee (which wasn’t tasty) and then he waited for the boarding call.

Once on the plane, Curtis was deciding what to get with his $10 voucher. Once he was asked, he decided upon a Canadian Club whiskey with soda water which was delightful!

After landing, Curtis got an uber back home. The driver decided to take the long route so it took an hour!

Both of us;

When Kim got home, we packed up for a couple of days and then drove out to the house sitting house.

We saw the dog and Curtis met her for the first time. We then took her our for a walk. People loved her!

Once we got back from the walk, we started getting a little hungry so we went for a walk to find food. Luckily, we’re right next to the town!

We found a place called ‘Burgers Burgers’ which Kim has been recommended a lot.

The staff were lovely and the burgers were just ‘ok’. They were a little too big and just fell apart, which made it frustrating! That being said they were delicious.

Curtis’ ‘kiwi classic’ burger and our potato skins!

Kim’s ‘MC Fly’ chicken burger!

We also got potato skins with truffle oil and homemade aioli, which were excellent.

Once we got back to the apartment, we just chilled out and spent time together, and with the dog, of course!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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