Auckland, Christchurch

Place 49 & 54 – Day 201 & 9: Auckland & Christchurch – A Cold

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up with a sort throat and blocked nose… A cold! That’s what happens when it’s freezing in Christchurch!

Curtis and his boss needed to get the PC imaged in the morning as there were some problems with it overnight so had to do that then head to the client.

Once they got to the client (it was 2° so it was cold!) they got started right away. Curtis setup a laptop at someone’s desk and then spent a while trying to fix a problem but ended up just re-building it as it was just not playing ball!

In the afternoon, Curtis and his boss had a couple of things to do, but a lot of it was waiting for 3rd parties and for people to leave the office.

They were able to get the 3rd party to do their thing but then they were unable to do anything because it was too late.

They brought back a PC to the hotel to get that one sorted.

Once back at the hotel, Curtis got hungry so he had smokey BBQ beans on toast which hit the spot!

Curtis then worked for a few hours and then just chilled out. He had to pack tonight as he heads back to Auckland tomorrow!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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