Auckland, Christchurch

Place 49 & 54 – Day 200 & 8: Auckland & Christchurch – Evening Pooch Walk

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis and his boss left at 07:50 and got to the client at 08:00.

Curtis already had one machine done and two almost done by 10:00! That’s good timing!

Curtis spent a couple of hours time helping with some issues as well as getting on with migrating users.

With one team to go, Curtis and his boss decided it was easier to add all 8 profiles into one machine, rather than each of them, and then ‘image’ (a fancy word for copy) it to all the other machines. There is also a fancy machine they they need to get another company to do, so they’re waiting for that to happen tomorrow, too.

It got to 17:15 and Curtis and his boss left. Curtis was very hungry as he had no food all day, mostly because he forgot to take any!

For dinner, Curtis and his boss had two pastas… A pesto & gnocchi pasta and a Carbonara. Both were delicious and Curtis was very hungry!

After this, Curtis and his boss had work to do at the hotel! There was the imaging to do and there was some files to move around.

Once this was done, Curtis headed to bed and chatted with Kim.

Kim’s Evening;

This evening Kim popped home because she forgot to bring enough clothes for the week. So she dropped off her laundry and grabbed some other stuff too.

On the way home Kim picked Tabitha up and then they went and took the pooch out for a nice evening stroll.
They then spent the evening vegging in front to the TV all relaxed and stuff. It was really lovely.

When Tabitha headed home Kim got lunch ready for the next day.

Just before heading to sleep Kim had a nice chat with Curtis.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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