Auckland, Christchurch

Place 49 & 54 – Day 198 & 6: Auckland & Christchurch – House Sitting

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis flew back to Christchurch today.

Curtis got and uber from home at 07:00 and got to the airport at 07:35.

Curtis had no bag to check so went right through security, grabbed a coffee and waited at the gate.

Once Curtis boarded, he helped an older lady with her bag and got chatting. This helped the time go quicker and before he knew it, he was in Christchurch.

Curtis got picked up by his boss and went to the client.

Once Curtis got to the client, he made good progress and then left at 17:15. There was still some things to do from the hotel, so Curtis and his boss went to the supermarket to get food. Curtis got soup and ate that when he got back and finished off his work.

Curtis spoke with Kim and then went to bed at 20:00 to chill out.

Kim’s Day;

Kim left work and then headed home to get some things together for her week and a bit away dog sitting for a friend.

One else had all her stuff she headed to the town over and hugged the beautiful husky who she is looking after.

The Kim decided she got hungry so she started making dinner and thought the followed all the steps to get the oven to work but to no avail. So Kim gave up and went and got a small takeaway Katsu curry from down the road, it was really nice for Kim to be able to walk into town to get something!

When Kim got back she settled down with her dinner and watched some TV and then had a little phone call with Curtis.

Tabitha then came over and they then both went on the dog walk, just as they were all heading home it started to rain, so that was good timing.
The girls then sat down to watch Bad Neighbours 2 with dessert, it was such a great way to spend the evening. Kim also got her lunches ready.

Tabitha then went home and Kim got herself ready for bed and then had a nice chat with Curtis.

Kim left work and then headed home to get some things together for her week and a bit away dog sitting for a friend.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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