Place 49 – Day 197: Auckland – Birthday Surprise!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up when Kim did and had a McDonald’s breakfast which Kim went and got.

Kim then left for the day and Curtis pretty much did nothing.

Curtis just chilled all day and the only notable thing he did was went to the supermarket to get toilet paper!

Kim’s Day:

Today was Narina’s birthday so Kim got up and ready for the day and then headed to McDonald’s for breakfast with Tabitha. She grabbed a takeaway one for Curtis and dropped it off at home for him.

Kim then waited outside with everyone else for the birthday girl and then two cars were on the road to start the birthday celebrations!
The plan for the day was a spa day and lunch. When they all got to the resort three of the six girls had their 75 minute massage and facial while Kim, Tabitha and another lady went and sorted a few surprises out for the day. After this the three girls went and waited up in the spas reception area and relaxed.

Awesome door for the spa

When it was their turn Kim and the girls started their spa day with a wonderful foot spa that was ice hot water with lavender and oils in it. It smelt so lovely and was so relaxing. They then went into the treatment rooms where they had a 45 minute massage followed by a 25 minute facial. It was so relaxing and calming. After this the girls sat with some herbal tea and a little thing of nuts, dried fruit and chocolate. They drank their tea and ate their snacks then headed to the restaurant for lunch.
Kim went for ribs and then a passion fruit cheesecake. After she had a peppermint mocha, it was all delicious.

After the meal all the girls headed back to Kim’s house to relax, and watch a movie. As Narina was the birthday girl she picked the film and so they watched girls trip. Kim made a little picnic type spread of cheeses and chips and dips. It was such a wonderful and relaxed way to end a brilliant day.

Both of us;

Once everyone left, we spoke with Nicola for a bit and then Curtis cooked a pizza and we watched some TV!

Curtis is back off to Christchurch tomorrow, but it’s the final week!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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