Auckland, Christchurch

Place 49 & 54 – Day 192 & 2: Auckland & Christchurch – A Husky!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was awake for 07:30. He showered, shaved and got ready for the day. After some Weetbix for breakfast and a coffee.

After this, Curtis and his boss went to the client. They had some admin to do for an hour or so and then met with the manager.

After that, they started migrating users. They got about 4 PCs done which was an ideal amount.

After leaving the client, Curtis and his boss went to a place called Joe’s Garage which is an American diner.

Curtis got a ‘breakfast burger’ which was delicious though very messy!

They got back and Curtis felt a little unwell so just watched some TV and then went to bed.

Kim’s Evening;

Kim headed to a work friends house to meet the dog she will be dog sitting next week.

She spent about an hour there just chatting and playing with the dog and then headed home.

On the way Kim stopped by the supermarket to get some lunch for the following day.

Kim got in and then relaxed before starting dinner. While making dinner Kim called Curtis to catch up on his day!

She finished making dinner as Nicola walked in so they both ate dinner and watched TV!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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