Auckland, Christchurch

Place 49 & 54 – Day 191 & 1: Auckland & Christchurch 🇳🇿 – A Change Up On The Quiz Team

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis didn’t have to get up early for his flight as it was delayed from 08:30 to 11:50.

Curtis woke up when Kim did at about 07:20, showered, had breakfast and watched some videos.

Once Curtis did that, he checked his work emails and replied to some as well as checked other things work.

He relaxed for a bit and then had to head to the airport.

Once Curtis got there, he was unable to check his bag as no checked luggage was purchased for him, but he was able to take it as carry on which was lucky!

Curtis and his boss got through security, got a coffee and waited at the gate.

Unfortunately, due to flights being booked separately, Curtis and his boss were not sat together, but it was only a quick flight so no troubles.

Once they landed, Curtis and his boss went to their accommodation. This is a motor lodge, though quite a nice one. They have a 2 bedroom suite with a ‘spa’ bath.

Once they dropped their bags, they got back in the car and went to the client for a brief visit.

They just had to get and confirm some details from them as none of the required equipment was there yet so nothing could be done.

Once they left there, they went to get some dinner. They found a nice coffee shop where Curtis got a beer, bacon & beef pie with a cappuccino!

Once they ate that, they went to the supermarket to get supplies for the next couple of weeks.

They then headed back to the apartment to do a bit of work and then just chill out (literally as it’s cold!).

Curtis will be up around 07:15 tomorrow to get ready and to the client for 08:30.

Kim’s Evening;

Kim headed to get petrol after work and then went straight home.

A few moments after she got in, Tabitha turned up as she was joining everyone for quiz night.

Kim and Tabitha then picked up Tom on route for the quiz. The three of them met up with Josh and Danielle and ate dinner and quizzed the night away!

The team came last but it was still so much fun!

They then dropped Tom off home and headed home to watch TV with Nicola and Tabitha.

She then got stuff ready for work the next day.

Kim then had a nice phone call with Curtis before heading to bed herself. It’s weird not having him around again!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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