Place 49 – Day 190: Auckland – Friend From England!

We had a bit of a lay in and then Kim made breakfast for us and Nicola.

We sat and chatted for a bit over breakfast and then got ready to go out.

We just needed to go to the shop to get stuff for the week, so we headed there and got that. We were very good and didn’t get a coffee from a coffee shop, though we did get an iced mocha and iced chocolate from the supermarket!

We left the supermarket and unpacked when we got home. Pretty much right after arriving home, we left the house again and drove to Curtis’ work where we were parking.

Our friend Tom is here in Auckland for work so we wanted to see him!

We met Tom at his hotel and it was great to see him again after so long!

We walked to the Sweatshop brewery (we like it there!) and had a drink.

We got a taster set each. Curtis got: Lager, APA & ‘brewers choice’ and Kim got IPA, Lager & ‘brewers choice’. The brewers choice was an ‘oatmeal stout’ which is very similar to Guinness. A very coffee flavour and aroma and Curtis really liked that one.

Kim wasn’t a fan of the brewers choice so Curtis drank hers. Tom got a crushed apple cider which was also excellent!

We sat and chatted for over an hour about all the things we have done and about what Tom has done since we have seen him.

We left the bar and walked for 20 minutes before getting to a place to eat!

We ate Asian fusion and it was incredible! Unfortunately, we were unable to get any photos as it was too dark, but we had;

  • Chinese pork
  • Pork and black truffle dumplings
  • Fried spicy chicken dumplings
  • Bang bang chilli chicken
  • Rice
  • Pork belly steamed buns
  • Picked cucumber

The food was absolutely phenomenal!

We walked Tom back to his hotel and then we walked back to the car and drove home.

We’re now going to watch some TV then head to bed.

Curtis has to fly to Christchurch tomorrow, which was meant to be at 08:30 but has (at the moment) been delayed to 11:50, so a bit of a sleep in for him!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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