Place 49 – Day 189: Auckland – Capitola Watches

We woke up and Kim went to get some breakfast for the supermarket. We had eggs, bacon, pancakes and beans.

Kim’s colleague dropped off a package for us around late morning. This package was exciting as it is our first brand ambassadorship!

We’ve partnered with Capitola Watches! We both got our own watch and also have a discount code that you can use at http://www.capitolawatches.com! When checking out, use the code: MRANDMRSHALE for 10% off!

We’re very excited to have a partnership and the watches are beautiful with a great quality.

Check out photos on our social media!

We watched TV for most of the day, then we had to drive to Avondale rink for Curtis’ hockey game!

Curtis’ team were pumped to play due to watching the USA/CAN game last night, and didn’t it show!

Curtis’ team took an early 2-1 lead, with Curtis being on the ice for both and assisting on the second (by hitting it out the air, by the way!).

After that, Curtis’ team held it very well and came out with the 4-1 win!

We left the rink and drove home, getting a pizza on the way!

We got home and watched far too many episodes of ‘The Bridge’ and then it was bedtime!

More awesome stuff happens tomorrow!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


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