Place 49 – Day 188: Auckland – Ice Hockey Classic 2018

Curtis was at home for the morning whilst Kim was at work.

Curtis went to the post office to see if a package we have been waiting for was there, but it was not.

Curtis got back home and called the courier who told us where it was, so we will be getting that tomorrow!

Kim came home at 13:10 and we had some cheesy pesto pasta for lunch.

Once that was done, we got an Uber down to the arena, where our tickets were waiting for us.

We had to wait for a little bit and then we went inside! At 15:30, there was the West Auckland Admirals vs Botany Swarm game on as a precursor to the main event. For that game, we were able to sit wherever we wanted, so had awesome seats!

Just before they game started, we got given our Canada jerseys, too, which we got for volunteering!

Once that game was finished, we had to leave the arena for an hour before we could reenter for the main event. We used this break as a chance to get some McDonald’s!

By the time we got back, we were able to get to our seats. Again, due to volunteering, we were able to get complimentary tickets! We were sat right where the players came out, but the view wasn’t amazing.

We had the player introductions and the national anthems, sung by the anthem singer of the New York Rangers!

Then it was game on! It started pretty lighthearted but then got more serious as the game went on. There was also a hit or two to the head and almost a fight! A very entertaining game and an 8-5 Canada win with Peter Holland scoring 3 and most likely assisting the rest!

In the 2nd intermission, Curtis’ hockey team all met up for a quick drink before going back to watch the rest of the game. In the first intermission, there were kids playing hockey and it was awesome and cute!

Post game, we spoke with Peter Holland again and he remembered us! He also signed Kim’s jersey!

We then helped dismantle the rink! Once we were eventually allowed, we donned oue hard hats and gloves and got to work.

We had to take all of the glass out of the boards and onto pallets. The glass is very heavy so it was about 4 people per sheet. As well as that, the ice was being melted so it was getting increasingly slippery!

We helped until about 12:45 and then left the arena and got an uber home.

We had an awesome day! 2 hockey games, speaking with hockey players again and helping dismantle a hockey rink.

We get to do some awesome stuff!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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