Place 49 – Day 186: Auckland – Meeting NHL Players!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis’ Day was productive today! Curtis relaxed for an hour or so this morning whilst having breakfast and then emptied the dishwasher.

Once that was done, he showered and then had to call the tax department of the government here in New Zealand to get some questions answered.

Once that was done, Curtis drove to Mitre 10 to get the incorrect lightbulb swapped out (and finally got the right one!). On the way back, Curtis got fuel and then went to the supermarket for bread and milk.

Curtis got back home and relaxed for a bit and had some noodles for lunch.

Curtis then ironed and brought the dry laundry up from the garage. Once he did that, he sorted out the cabling and added an extension cable to our room to make it a bit more manageable!

Curtis then went to pick Kim up from work and brought her home.

Both of us;

We got home, Kim got ready and then we drove to the city.

We were going to a bar in the city called Brew on Quay.

At this bar, thanks to our volunteering, we were able to have a drink or two with the players from the USA & Canada teams!

First of all, we were treated to a haka, which was awesome especially inside the pub.. The sound echoed even more.

Once that was done, we mingled. Unfortunately, Curtis was unsure of who any of the players were, other than two former Maple Leafs players!

Curtis approached one and started a conversation, which he then got Kim to join in on also. It was awesome for Curtis to speak with Peter Holland and we both thought he was an incredibly nice guy! We spoke for a while about why we’re in NZ, the fact Curtis is a Leafs fan and how he got into hockey and our travels! After speaking with Peter, we spoke with Byron Froese, another former Leafs player! That was a brief conversation but he was also very kind and welcoming! Shortly after, those two players and their girlfriends/wives left we followed suit. It was very busy and crowded and we weren’t sure who was who so we left to get food.

We went to the Korean place Kim had been to recently and got some chicken and potato waffles!

We finished up and headed home.

What an awesome day! Curtis got to meet NHL players that he’d cheered for on TV a few years ago and just had a normal, down to earth chat with them.

It was incredible.

More awesome stuff should be happening tomorrow and Friday too!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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