Place 49 – Day 184: Auckland – Building an Ice Rink!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up at 04:00 to get ready to get to Spark Arena for 05:30.

There is a charity USA vs Canada ice hockey game happening there, so the ice needs to be built within the arena! Curtis received an offer to volunteer to help with this process and he accepted the challenge!

Curtis was told that it started at 06:00 and to be there 30 minutes before, so he did.

Someone else that he knew also arrived then, but they then later found out it had been changed to 08:00 and they hadn’t been informed!

Curtis waited in his car until it was time to go in.

Once they got in, it was running a little behind schedule so all volunteers were taken to the green room of the arena to wait. Curtis had a coffee and waited.

Curtis and the team were eventually called out to start doing some work around 10:00.

There are metal sheets that go around the edge of the rink so the first job was to grab those and put them where required.

Once that was done, 9 large rolls of tarp were required to be rolled out and taped together, which is what Curtis and the team did for most of the morning.

A delivery arrived with lots of North American confectionary, which everyone took good care of!

Once that tarp was laid and correct, all volunteers had to get the piping that freezes the ice down and lay it (carefully!) across the tarp. There were 3 large pallets of these and they got them all done!

Once this was done they had a little break followed by helping with moving the boards and glass into the arena. Once that was done, it was home time! Curtis was incredibly tired, but happy with what has been achieved, though it doesn’t look like much at the moment!

The yellow looking parts are the pipes!

Once Curtis got home he chilled out and contemplated sleeping!

Both of us;

Kim got home and we had chilli for dinner. Kim then watched Love Island with Nicola.

Kim then went out to a restaurant called ‘The Elephant Wrestler’ with a friend and had dessert!

Kim got back home and it was bed time. Kim had a shower and then slept.

Curtis doesn’t have work or volunteering tomorrow, so it’s a free day! Wednesday there is no volunteering but an awesome event as well as Thursday and the (2!) games Friday! A Busy week but an incredible experience!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

1 thought on “Place 49 – Day 184: Auckland – Building an Ice Rink!”

  1. You poor thing to get there at the right time (6am) and then find out you could’ve slept on for another 2 hrs, but that said you all achieved a lot that day so well done. Hope you continue to have fun throughout the week.

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