Place 49 – Day 175: Auckland – 1st SNC Goal!

We woke up surprisingly early today but didn’t feel too up for breakfast. Instead, Kim had a FaceTime with her family.

Once Kim did this, we watched some TV and then put on a wash.

We both showered and got ready to start the day!

We hung out the laundry and Curtis got his ice hockey stuff ready and then we played some fortnite.

We drove to the ice rink so Curtis could play his hockey game.

Curtis’ game was a good one and Curtis even scored his first goal in this league! It was a beautiful tip in off a beautiful shot. Good to get off the mark!

We drove to the shop and bought some pizza and the went home. We watched some TV and ate pizza then finished the night with some fortnite!

We have plans tomorrow, providing the weather is nice!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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