Place 49 – Day 174: Auckland – Korean BBQ

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work and had one of two planned things to do and had to go to a client at 10:00.

Pretty awesome sunrise this morning!

Curtis did what he needed to and then drove to the client. When he got there, he made some changes on a couple of PCs and then did the rounds checking how people were.

One PC had a broken speaker which Curtis was unable to fix so suggested buying speakers. Curtis also checked that the scanning worked in that office too.

There wasn’t a huge amount to do there so he was there for about an hour (2 including travel).

When Curtis got back he ate lunch and then had to do make an instructional video for a client. This took about an hour.

Curtis had a few other things to do and then had some more time to get some training done!

Curtis left on time and got home at normal time.

When Curtis got home he heated the remainder of the cottage pie and ate that.

Kim’s Evening;

Kim and a few girls headed out into the city to a Korean place for dinner. They started with a mix of regular and chilli chicken on top of potato waffles. These were all delicious!
Then another lady joined during the meal just before we ordered the pork and kimchi hot pot! This also was delicious.

To go with the meals we tried a few sujus, these are a similar thing to the Japanese rice wine Sake. We started with peach flavour, which was very sweet and then went for original which was very much like drinking a spirit near. Finally we tried the blueberry suju which tasted surprisingly like grape soda, this was unexpected and Kim did not enjoy this one.

The girls all then headed to a bar where they all enjoyed wine, two had mulled wine and two had regular red wine. Kim tried some mulled wine, it turns out that she still does not like it!
After they finished their drinks the girls chatted for ages before finally deciding to head home. One called and Uber, ones husband picked them up and then Curtis collected Kim and another lady.

Both of us;

Curtis drove to pickup Kim and her colleague from the city.

Once Curtis picked them up, we drove Kim’s colleague home and then we made our way home and went to sleep!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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