Place 49 – Day 172: Auckland – Dessert Date

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work and was the first one there!

Curtis made a coffee and got on with with some work.

Curtis was pretty busy and was getting inundated with calls and emails left right and centre all morning, but got a lot of cases resolved.

Curtis had lunch and then had some cases to resolve. At 15:30, all of Curtis’ colleagues left and then there wasn’t many calls coming in so it gave Curtis some time to focus on work he needed to get sorted.

Curtis then drove home and, of course, it started to raining!

Curtis got home and just chilled out. He did this for most of the evening and was feeling very tired!

Kim’s Evening;

Kim went out at 20:30 to see Tabitha.

They wanted dessert, so they went to ‘The Chocolate House’ for some chocolate goodness.

Kim had a s’mores sandwich with Italian meringue.

Kim was the for a couple of hours and had a really nice time.

Both of us;

We actually watched some TV before Kim went out and then she headed out for a meet up with her friend.

When Kim got back it was 22:30, but that’s enough time to watch some TV! We watched another episode of The Bridge and then went to sleep.

Crazy that it’s nearly the weekend already!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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