Place 49 – Day 169: Auckland – An Extra Day Off!

We woke up around the same time as yesterday and had a lazy morning.

We had cheesy scrambled eggs on toast with a hash brown each and Curtis had a coffee.

We then, when it was post-midday, left to go to the shop. We had a few things to get, mostly a hairdryer and the main food shop for the week.

We got home and played some games and watched some TV then Kim made some dinner. She made an incredible spaghetti bolognese and we spoke with our housemate.

We then decided to all watch a film! We watched Attack the Block, which Curtis realised is not as good as the first time he saw it.

We then watched some TV and played some Fortnite before heading to bed.

We have an extra day off tomorrow, due to the Queen’s Birthday and we have a plan for the afternoon, which should be fun!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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