Place 49 – Day 168: Auckland – Man-Slippers

We woke up at a pretty reasonable time and due to this, Kim went to geta McDonald’s breakfast.

Once Kim got the breakfast, we got back into bed and watched the latest ‘Humans’ episode.

We then found out about a show which is set in Malmö and Copenhagen, both places we have been! It was in both Swedish and Danish also which we love (with English subtitles of course!)

We watched that and then finally went for showers and got ready. We played a bit of Fortnite and then drove to Botany for Curtis’ hockey game! It was a game against last place and they won 2-0 comfortably. That’s 4 games unbeaten in a row! Below was an end of period flurry with Curtis and his linemates trying to score!

The game finished and we went to The Warehouse to get some slippers for Curtis. He got some standard slippers and we got a red bull too because it was cheap!

We got home and Kim made Chinese chicken which was delicious! We had this with some of our 2kg of spring rolls that we inherited!

We watched some YouTube videos whilst we ate and then played fortnite for the rest of the evening which we did very well at! (2nd, 2nd & 3rd) in a row!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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