Place 49 – Day 167: Auckland – Getting Smashed, Mate

Curtis’ Day;

The weather was warmer this morning which was a change! Curtis got to work and had the obligatory coffee and before he knew it, it was 11:00!

Curtis got a lot done today, having a whole list of items to complete as well as new cases coming in.

Curtis got told that he needed to build a new PC in the afternoon so he had to do that fairly quickly.

Curtis’ workplace also had a courier leave a package outside without anyone’s knowledge!

Curtis left for home on time and got back really quick!

Curtis didn’t do much in the evening other than laundry.

Kim’s Evening;

Kim dropped her car off at home and then got a lift into the city with some co workers.

They went to a bar called Rex bar and had a few drinks and then Kim bought some food for everyone.

An hour later they all decided to head to another bar. One called the sweatshop where Kim and Curtis had already been for a night out. Three of the people, Kim included, decided to walk the 15/20 minutes and others chose to Uber.

Kim stayed at this next bar for an hour or so before asking Curtis to pick her up.

She had a brilliant evening and it was so lovely to meet people outside the work environment!

Both of us;

Curtis drove to pick Kim up from the pub and then drove home.

We hung out the laundry and then ate some pizza!

Bed time.. No work tomorrow and a 3 day weekend!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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