Place 49 – Day 165: Auckland – Watching A Car Crash! 💥

Curtis’ Day;

The weather was more bearable today, though so cold.

Curtis got to work and finished the PC he was building an prepared for the site visit he had at 10:00.

Curtis left at 10:00 to get to the client. Once he arrived, he spent a while helping out clients. He had to add some profiles to users’ machines, so he did that and then did some normal support.

Curtis got back to the office and built 2 more laptops. He also had a couple of remote sessions.

Curtis left the office and drove home. In his way home, whilst in traffic, the car in front drove right up the back of the van in front of it! Thankfully it was nothing serious and it didn’t seem that there was even any damage.

Both of us;

We each got home and chilled out trying to stay warm in bed.

We then drove to the shop to get some food. We got some chicken burgers, buns, lettuce and cheese slices. We accompanied this with a salad.

We watched a couple of TV shows and before we knew it, it was bed time!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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